Pastor LaShonda Robinson aka Pastor "PG" was born under two powerhouse preachers, and comes from a lineage of pastors. Her mother being the late Pastor Brenda Gooden, passed down a mantle upon her life. Her father also being Pastor Johnny Solomon, Jr.

Every since she was a little girl there was a call for her to preach the gospel. While practicing, and playing church as a toddler it placed a seed on the inside of her. And through life challenges, yearning for the word, and seeing her mother go through church hurt it cultivated, and grew to a desire to preach.

Lashonda has always known there was something unique on the inside of her that was waiting to be released. She has learned that salvation is free, and the anointing comes with a cost. She is the wife of Pastor Frank Robinson. She is the proud mother of three Quintez, Shateekee, and Dakobie, grandmother of Brock A’mir and Brooke A’Miracle. She is an entrepreneur of various businesses.

She is president of Scars & Stilettos and Serenity Sisterhood women ministries. Girl Let’s Talk. She is a mentor, author, motivational speaker, teacher, and leader. She is the leader of Kingdom Impact Outreach Ministries. She is owner of Meechie’s Restaurant in Byron,Ga. She is a firm believer that it’s holiness or hell and speaking those things that be not as thou they were. Through all the struggles and pain she has found out that God will never leave you nor forsake you.